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Three piece suit for wedding

A three-piece suit consists of a waistcoat, a suit jacket, and matching pants. The waistcoat perfectly completes an elegant and fashionable look. That is, if the fit and colour are just right. 

A three-piece suit is perfect to wear to your own wedding. A good three-piece suit for the groom makes him feel more confident. They always look great and are in vogue thanks to their lovely, classic appearance. 

Shopping for a three piece suit for wedding not only involves deciding between many alternatives. But it goes far beyond that. Why? Because you’re shopping for your wedding…one of the biggest days of your life where you surely want to look elegant besides your beautiful bride. Isn’t it?

So, you should know what to look for in a three piece suit for groom before buying it to not look extra but gorgeous on your big day and feel confident. Know everything from different types to how to style and purchase it.

Types of three piece suit for wedding

There are two types of 3 piece suit for men wedding about which you may not know. Here is given a brief description about the two types so that you can choose accordingly while shopping.

Single breasted 3 piece suit- This type of suit is widely available in vast ranges. This can be worn in both formal and casual ways. It has two to three buttons. A waistcoat is optional when wearing it. 

Double breasted 3 piece suit-  This type of suits are rarely available and are not known to many. These have an extra fold of fabric and are way more formal. These can have 4-6 buttons in them. It's not a good idea to wear them as blazers without a waistcoat. Also, wear proper pants or trousers with them. 

Three piece suit for groom: Styling tips

Instead of having the same suit style you are constantly seen wearing to events, try something new. Finding the one that perfectly captures your personality won't be difficult given the variety of styles and forms available.

Make your own fashion statement with a three piece suit for groom while looking stylish and bold. Here are some styling tips for you.


  • Look for the vest that has shorter sides and back than its front.
  • Make sure that there is no gap between pants and waistcoat or vest. 
  • The shirt with that should be properly buttoned and tucked in.
  • The waistcoat’s V should not cover the edges of your shirt collar.


  • To ensure that your jacket fits properly, the shoulder pads of the suit should end where your shoulders do.
  • Always leave the last suit button unbuttoned.
  • The cuff of your shirt should protrude from your jacket by about half an inch.
  • The V shape of the waistcoat should be visible after wearing the coat or jacket.


  • The trousers should normally be high on the waist and neither too short nor too long.

Mens three piece wedding suits: Buying tips

Find the appropriate fit for you. That should be your first priority when choosing a suit, even before deciding on the colour.

For Vest- 

  • The vest should be close fitting 
  • The vest should be long enough to cover the waist area.

For Jacket-  

  • If the suit has two buttons, the top one should be higher than your navel (the middle one in the case of three buttons). 
  • Stand with your arms at your sides to check the length of the jacket. Hands should where the hem of the jacket does.
  • The sleeves should be long enough to cover your thumb and wrist joints.
  • Ensure that the buttons are shaped like a Y and not a V. This is thought to be considerably more fashionable and will also fit better.

For Trousers- 

  • The length of the trousers should be checked properly as it affects your overall look. Generally, the hem of the pants should not brush your shoes but cover full legs. 

How to shop for mens three piece wedding suits online?

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  1.      Does Sainly enable international shipping?

Yes, at Sainly, we ship internationally, wherever you live in the world. 


  1. Where can I find a three piece suit for men for wedding online?

If you’re looking for elegant men’s three piece suits latest designs for wedding, you don’t need to look further than us. Get the best for you within your budget from our newest collections.

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