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Jodhpuri suit for men

Looking for a men's ensemble that is regal and classy then Jodhpuri suit for men is the right choice for you. Famously worn by Indian Kings in Jodhpur, Jodhpuri suits are today a timeless piece of clothing for men that combines contemporary style with a traditional aesthetic. Jodhpuri suits resemble pure elegance and royalty. 

Royal jodhpuri suit for wedding is a very popular choice for weddings among men. It is known to be a semi-Indian suit and is perfect for traditional Indian occasions. It is a shorter-cut outfit that is typically worn in contrast to trousers. It is mostly hand embroidered and comes with a waistcoat. Various materials, including quality TR, Wool, Velvet, Jute, and Linen, are available for this Bandhgala Coat. 

Having at least one of the timeless classics like this in your closet is essential. Shop for tastefully designed Jodhpuri suit for men at Sainly.

Types of trendy Jodhpuri Suit for men

It is an outfit designed exclusively for monarchs, perfectly defining royal fashion. Here are some of the top suit suggestions to help you make the ideal fashion statement:

1. Royal Jodhpuri Suit

Royal Jodhpuri suits, as justified by the name, are exactly meant for royal fashion. Royal jodhpuri suit for wedding is a perfect ensemble for the special day. Even during the era of the maharajas, there is nothing better than what has always been worn.

2. Bandhgala suits

Jodhpuri suit for men also come in Bandhgala form. They work nicely for informal gatherings and can cheer up any festive day by tying your ensemble and your loved ones together.

3. Velvet Blue 

Particularly during the winter, this type has the most Roman and western appearance. Marketers are seen loading up on these cosy and complementary royal blue velvets at the start of autumn.

4. Jodhpuri Angrakha

This is the perfect choice for you if you want a distinctive jacket style that isn't overly dazzling but is nonetheless timeless.  It is a long-sleeved outfit for men with outer robes mostly worn in South Asia in earlier times. Later, it was given a more Indian-inspired look in the form of Jodhpuri suits and was also featured in Bollywood films.

In recent years, the Jodhpuri suit for men has come in a variety of different styles. Many famous designers and showrooms have also incorporated Jodhpuri suits in their collections. 

Browse and shop from Sainly’s latest collections of Jodhpuri suit for men for weddings or other celebrations with the most innovative and trendy designs. 

How to choose a Jodhpuri suit for groom online?

We give you some recommendations which may help you in choosing and buying a Jodhpuri suit for groom:

Consider the season when choosing the colour and fabric.

It is important to decide on a theme to maintain a balance in your looks according to the occasion or season of the event. You should opt for lighter shades like peach, blue, white, etc. for a day event or a casual holiday wedding while darker shades are for an evening or night event. Fabric types like silk, velvet, brocade etc. are ideal for a night event or festive celebration. 

Jodhpuri suits will suit every occasion and can be worn in every season. If you’re deciding to wear a royal Jodhpuri suit for wedding, or any other event, try to opt for season-specific fabrics. Like, for the summer season, you can opt for cotton, silk etc fabric material while for winter, silk and velvet are ideal.

Check out the latest trend   

Make sure to look at the newest Jodhpuri fashions available. These days, the Jodhpuri suit for men comes in a huge selection of solid colours and the most recent designer patterns. Trendy Jodhpuri Suit collections include multi-coloured, asymmetrical, printed, floral, elaborately embroidered, brocade angrakha, silk blend, jacquard, jackets with side slits, etc. 

Depending on your taste, you can choose between a plain, light-coloured Jodhpuri suit and one with elaborate embroidery to fit traditional occasions like weddings and festivities.

Try accessories

To complete the look when wearing a premium Jodhpuri suit for men, you must also get the necessary accessories. A Saafa or Pagdi can improve your Jodhpuri appearance unlike anything else. A brooch on your turban might further emphasise the style. To choose the one that looks the best, experiment with several colours and styles. Get set with your majestic Saafa to steal the spotlight! 

In the same vein, think about accessorising your ethnic ensemble with a designer Mala and a pocket square, that too will add extra stars to your looks.

Exquisite Jodhpuri suit collections at Sainly

Shop for excellent jodhpuri suit for men online at Sainly. Whether you’re looking for a royal Jodhpuri suit for wedding or a Jodhpuri suit for men for any other formal event, you’ll find it all here. We are pleased to provide a great variety of stunning jodhpuri suits for men for various occasions such as weddings and parties. 

Our collections contain the most classy and unique looks. Shop with us for the newest kinds of exquisite jodhpuri suits for weddings or other special occasions to find a range of colours, patterns, and styles that complement you. Explore our collections and start your shopping now!


       1. Do you offer worldwide shipping through Sainly?

Yes, Sainly ships internationally exactly to your place wherever you live.

       2. Where can I buy Jodhpuri suits for mens for wedding online?

You don't need to look any further than us if you're seeking an elegant Jodhpuri suit for wedding groom. Get the best from our newest collections that fit your requirements.

       3. Does Sainly provide a large selection of competitively priced Jodhpuri suit for groom?

Absolutely! All of the gorgeous Jodhpuri suits for mens for wedding with the newest designs are affordably priced at Sainly. We offer suits for every pocket.

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